I believe in love

My name is Avery and Larry Stylinson has saved my life countless times. xx

Larry/1D twitter: @hazzaheartslouu


Chicago, Illinois | USA by Skept


Chicago, Illinois | USA by Skept

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Harry’s lost in Charlotte, 28/09/14

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i’d be the worst PR-manager ever
my client would be like “there are rumours going around that i’m a gay satanist” and i’d be like “hahaha awesome”

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you & i | san antonio 9.21.14

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when u casually tryin to check out the hot guy without anyone noticing


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Boys thank you for 7 the most amazing months! Full of laugh and tears! Thank you again! 

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favevids // wwa tour
favevids // wwa tour

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Louis won the other day, actually, he was playing a game online where he won three mental maths.. in a row. +

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Tampa | 03.10

Tampa | 03.10

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